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E-commerce has become the hotcake all over the world nowadays. Shopping has become quite easy these days due to e-commerce sites. But to maintain these e-commerce sites, you just need to offer high-quality visuals of the products to attract customers to your site. Our product photo editing team has the skill and charm to make your e-commerce site a top-notch one.

AIt is not easy to take out customers' credit cards from their pockets for online shopping. Just ordinary product photos won’t succeed you, and this is where Clipping Path Host comes in to get you out of the trouble. Our Photo Editing Services will showcase your products so beautifully that they will attract many customers in no time.

We are ready to offer product pictures exactly how you want them to look on your e-commerce site. We always focus on the latest editing techniques to bring out the best product photos, which are perfect for any e-commerce store. By taking our e-commerce photo editing services, plenty of e-commerce store owner has grown their business rapidly. Even their sales have increased in the shortest time after taking our services.

If you are wondering about the services we provide, then take a look below to get a proper outlook:

• White Background Removal

• Color Correction

• Shadow Effects

• Photo Retouching

• Clipping Path

• Image Masking

• Photo Manipulation

• Corporate Logo Design

• Dark Spot Removal

• Ghost Mannequin Effects

• Unwanted Object Removal, etc.

We have recently dealt with numerous clients and satisfied them with our quality service. You can check their reviews and reactions in the reference work section on our site. In this field of work, we have proven ourselves as an uprising e-commerce product photo editing service provider within a short period.

Clipping Path after before image

Prices for Popular Photo Editing Services

basc clipping path before image basc clipping path after

Clipping Path Services

Our Offer

$0.25per image

  • Basic Clipping Path $0.25
  • Simple Clipping Path $0.50
  • Medium Clipping Path $0.80
  • Complex Clipping Path $2.90
  • Supper Complex Clipping Path $9.90
Ghost manipulation service before Ghost manipulation service after

Ghost Mannequin Effec Services

Our Offer

$0.90per image

  • Neck Joint Services $0.90
  • Remove Mannequin $0.90
  • Ghost Mannequin $1.50
  • Upper and Bottom Joint $1.99
  • Only Bottom Joint $1.30
before after

Photoshop Image Masking

Our Offer

$1.30per image

  • Basic Masking $1.30
  • Layer Masking $1.30
  • Color Masking $1.50
  • Alpha Masking $1.50
  • Hair Masking $1.30
before after

Photoshop Shadow Services

Our Offer

$0.25per image

  • Drop Shadow $0.25
  • Natural Shadow $0.40
  • Reflextion Shadow$0.50
  • Orginal Shadow$0.40
  • Regular Shadow$0.40
before after

Photohop Color Correction

Our Offer

$0.40per image

  • Basic Color Correction$0.40
  • Exposure Correction$0.40
  • Medium Color Correction$0.90
  • Image Color Conversion$5.50
  • Image Color Restoration$15.50
before after

Photo Retouching Services

Our Offer

$0.39per image

  • Basic Retouching$0.39
  • Basic Product Retouching$0.39
  • Medium Retouching$0.75
  • Glamour Retouching$5.50
  • High-End Retouching$7.50
before after

Vector Conversion and Illustration

Our Offer

$3.50per image

  • Basic Vector Conversion $3.50
  • Raster to Vector$3.50
  • Product Vector$6.50
  • Basic image to Vector$15.50
  • Medium Nature Vector$17.50
before after

Photo Restoration Services

Our Offer

$5.50per image

  • Basic Image Color Restoration $5.50
  • Image Color Restoration$16.50
  • Damaged Image Restoration $19.50
  • Image Color Restore $25.50
  • Black & White Image Restoration $23.30
Corporate Logo Sample Corporate Logo Sample

Corporate Logo Design

Our Offer

$3.50per image

  • Basic Corporate Logo Design$3.50
  • Corporate Logo Design$4.50
  • Creative Corporate Logo Design$9.50
  • Vector Logo Design$5.50
  • Complex Corporate Logo Design$15.50
before after

Photoshop Image Masking

Our Offer

$1.30per image

  • Basic Masking $1.30
  • Layer Masking $1.30
  • Color Masking $1.50
  • Alpha Masking $1.50
  • Hair Masking $1.30
before after

Photoshop Image Masking

Our Offer

$1.30per image

  • Basic Masking $1.30
  • Layer Masking $1.30
  • Color Masking $1.50
  • Alpha Masking $1.50
  • Hair Masking $1.30
before after

Photoshop Image Masking

Our Offer

$1.30per image

  • Basic Masking $1.30
  • Layer Masking $1.30
  • Color Masking $1.50
  • Alpha Masking $1.50
  • Hair Masking $1.30
Photoshop Services Aria

A Detailed Insight at our E-commerce Product Photo Editing Services

When the shots are taken in the first place, most photos of the products contain multiple defects. No one can fix the defects using a single method as there are types of defects like background, image masking, mannequin, etc. Hence, it requires several photo retouching techniques to remove those defects from the images of your products. Now, take a look at our e-commerce product image editing services below:

White Background Removal before image White Background Removal after image

White Background Removal

The image background is the most important part of any e-commerce product. When it comes to the entire appearance of an e-commerce site, this service is mandatory. Because even a perfect shot can lose its whole appeal due to an unmatched background, we remove this type of background from the images and replace it with a perfect one to make your product photo look spellbinding. We also transform the product photo backgrounds into different backgrounds from white backgrounds

Shadow Effects before image Shadow Effects after image

Shadow Effects

Shadow effect is one of our renowned product image editing services for e-commerce product photos. Adding shadow effects on e-commerce store products can create a realistic vibe. Depending on your product's size, shape, and complexity, we offer different types of shadows. Some of our shadow effects services are natural shadow, drop shadow, and reflection shadow.

clipping path service before clipping path service after

Clipping Path

The clipping path is no cakewalk, even for many professional photo editing service providers. The skill and precision required for this type of service are no joke. Only some experience campaigners can deliver this sort of service with perfection. And we are certainly up there with some of the best clipping path service providers. So, don’t doubt your decision and try our clipping path service to get the best results.

Photo Retouching before image Photo Retouching after image

Photo Retouching

When your e-commerce product photos have the wow factor, they can only attract many customers. If you want to compel customers in your e-commerce store, there is no other way than a professional touch. We are the perfect choice for you in this regard, as our photo retouching service can add the right charm to your e-commerce product photos. You can certainly level up your sale and business by taking our A-grade service.

Image masking before Image masking after

Image Masking

The image masking service of Clipping Path Host is one of the best in this business. Whenever you need an image masking service, you should knock on our door to get the best results for your e-commerce store because we got the experience and skill to deliver the perfect image masking product photos. Image masking often can make an ordinary product photo so appealing that any customer would get their wallet out for it. So, taking our image masking service can be beneficial for your e-commerce site.

Photo-Manipulation before Photo-Manipulation after

Photo Manipulation

You can grab online shoppers by creating different illusions using effects in product photography. But this requires a creative and innovative mind. This is where we are different from other photo editing services because our professionals are skilled photo manipulators and creative thinkers. They have always delivered some cracking ideas according to your product photos and applied incredible effects on them. We can modify exposure, texture, tone, foreground, and background.

color correction before image color correction after image

Color Correction

Color correction has become an integral service for most kinds of product photos regardless of the verticals of industries. Product photos usually reflect a variety of colors in the e-commerce store. Sometimes, the product colors don’t match the color of your photo background. In that case, color correction is essential to make it right for your store.

 Corporate Logo Design sample Logo Design sample

Corporate Logo Design

Logo plays a vital role in representing the business of any corporate site. This is why we also offer corporate logo design to our customers. Thousands of designs are prepared to go on your way to represent your business corporation. You can make a customized logo according to your requirements and guidelines. Our duty is to make a logo that will preach your business loudly just from a glance. To get that service, you must take our corporate logo design service.

 Ghost Mannequin Effect before image Ghost Mannequin Effect after image

Ghost Mannequin Effect

This is a handy and magnificent image editing service we offer for apparel e-commerce products. We simply remove the mannequin and expose some parts of the products, like shirts, t-shirts, jackets, pants, hoodies, etc., hidden under the mannequin. This product photography editing removes some extra burden of using a mannequin dummy to display your products and makes the products spiced up, creating a ghost mannequin effect.

Why do e-commerce stores require photo editing services?
Clipping path before Clipping Path after

An E-commerce business is not like a traditional store-type business. Here the customers can touch the product in real until it gets delivered to their door after buying. So, judging the quality is possible only through pictures. Therefore, photo editing service is necessary to ensure the quality of pictures by trying out several services. These services make the product photos appealing to the customers and bring the card out of their pocket.

Don’t worry if your business is online or offline; we will boost your marketing effort strategy by providing a handmade clipping path solution. Mainly we focus on your business demands as well as we offer-

24/7 services

Passion for our craft

Strategic planning

Best quality service

Customer Support team

Free trial service

Both online & offline support

Why should you choose our service?

We are the right fit if you’re looking for a reliable and affordable photo editing service for your e-commerce store simultaneously. Because we provide the best results and our previous works can vouch for that. Regarding affordability, we are always within the budget of any e-commerce site.

We have a team of skilled professional editors with creative and innovative minds. In this modern era of technology, it is a must to have a creative mind because otherwise, you will just end up with conventional things. And conventional things don’t get you the attention you require to build an e-commerce website.

Therefore, you should hire a photo editing service like ours to make your website a top-notch one and help your e-commerce store grow rapidly.

We promise to offer top-class & images that are more professional for you. Hence we are doing great in implementing our mission of serving our clients all over the world.

We (CPH) offer professional hand-made deep etch or clipping path service to their customers to guarantee the best image cut out service.

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Bulk Order Processing

We are best Skilled of handling bulk order of images which may contain more than 1500 images. Get all the images within the mentioned time.

Great Discount

We offer marvelous discount offer for a bulk volume of images. You can send sample images for free trial to check our service & quality.

Rush Service

If you need edited images within a very short time, our rush service is the best key for you. Realistic extra charge is applicable.

On Time Delivery

Time is very much important for your project. For timely delivery, our qualified and skilled Graphic Designers work with your mentioned time.

Clipping Path Host Photo Editing Services

Recent Project Samples

Photoshop Shadow Services

Low Cost, Good quality

Ghost Mannequin Effect

Service start from 0.70 USD per image

Cosmetics Photo Editing

Make your product photos clear and focused

Simple Clipping and fit for webstore

Very low cos@0.49 per image

Vector Conversion and Illustration

Publishing your images, logos or brands in a large board

Product Retouching with Shadow

Retouching and create shadow in your Product,

Ghost Mannequin Effec

Present your products real view


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